Why Switch to us?

Your company is our company. That's our promise to you. We will carefully and diligently discharge our duties that is expected of us to the utmost of ability. Also, we will work with you to reduce your regulatory burden and deliver best value.

Prompt response

If you call or email us, you will hear back the very same day. Even if we are unable to provide you with a detailed response, we will acknowledge your enquiry and when you can expect a detailed reply. In Compliance, you will never be forgotten.

Direct expert contact

You will speak directly to our experts. You will be given their names, direct contact numbers and email addresses. You will never have to speak to a phone answering machine or a receptionist.

Free consultation

When you switch to us, as and when issues arise, our experts in the various fields will listen to your situation and dispense opinions as to your best course of action. There is done on an no obligation and no charge basis.

Fast transfer

We have developed a seamless, hassle-free transfer process which typically takes just 3 days to complete as compared to 14 days average with other firms.

Fuss free

Switching to us is easy – once we have agreed on your contract and payment terms, we’ll take care of the rest so there’s no need to contact your existing firm.

No exit fee

Unlike other firms, we do not charge exit fees. When you enter into a contract with other firms, you may be liable for an “exit fee” in future if you wish to leave.

No hidden fees

We promise to inform you of the cost at the beginning and keep you informed throughout. We will not commence any work until you are happy to proceed. There will certainly be no hidden costs.

Contact us for more information.