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Compliance Advisory Pte Ltd was set up in 2016 as an expansion arm of Compliance Group, providing a wide range of corporate services ranging from Accounting, Tax, Corporate Secretarial Services and Assurance etc.

Singapore is experiencing a surge in venture capital fundraising, reflecting growing interest in Southeast Asia’s startups.  Investors are putting money into the region as they seek opportunities beyond the U.S. and China.  Singapore government is providing incentive to attract entrepreneurs and venture capitalist.

Compliance Advisory Pte Ltd is set up to serve clients within this specialized industry, and by providing the asset managers a one stop shop in administration and outsourcing. We have strongly established ourselves as an expert fund administrator with a highly responsive and experienced team.  As an asset manager, you can focus in sourcing investments and delivering returns to investors.

At Compliance, we provide administration services to private equity and venture capital fund.  The availability of our professionally qualified team coupled with the ability to customize our services to your needs with quick turnaround time, we can be a valuable partner for Asset Managers operating in Singapore.

Our Services

  • Fund Accounting
  • Cash Management – cashflow monitoring, transaction processing and settlement
  • Portfolio Management and Valuation Services
  • Review of operational process and internal controls
  • Periodical production and distribution of Fund Performance Report
  • Maintain all investor records
  • Prepare & issue capital calls & distribution notices
  • Perform KYC/AML checks
  • Safekeeping and verification of documentation and assets
  • Compliance with relevant regulations such as FATCA, CRS and MAS
  • Fund Liquidation


There is continuing rise in cross-border activities across various industries due to globalization. Businesses are entering into significant commercial transactions and international projects through a range of structures and arrangements in order to gain access to new markets and resources and to share technical know-how. With ever changing tax laws and increased complexities, it is imperative for these companies to constantly refine their tax strategies.
Compliance Advisory Pte Ltd partnered with a team of qualified cross-border tax specialists in Singapore and Hong Kong assisting individual and corporate clients on their cross-border tax structuring, planning, transfer pricing, reporting and risk management. At Compliance, we can give you the peace of mind in your international dealings, by helping you identify and implement the most suitable and up-to-date strategies, ensuring that both your tax objectives and statutory compliance requirements are met.

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Derek Liew, Director: